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03.03.2021 Reflection Group Meeting

St. Joseph Dinnington

Reflection Group meeting 3.3.2021. (7pm Zoom)

Present: Father Andy Graydon, Shauna Hilton (Chair), Alison Bergomi, Anne-Marie Carroll, Monica Carroll, Christine Handley, Maine Hobart, Tony & Marie Lear, Helen McKinney, Maria Paton, Emma Slack, Ann Neill, John Cape

Apologies: Mary Gillgrass, Mark Massarella

Fr Andy opened with a prayer

Reflection on EASTER and Holy Week

The Guidance from the bishops: -

- live masses can take place with face coverings, social distancing, stewarding, 1 way systems in church, hand washing, ventilation, cleaning all as before.

- Palm Sunday – No procession. Gospel not in parts. Palms at back of church for people to take as they leave – remainder left in pergola for those that can’t attend mass to take (Church & live stream)

- Last supper – no feet washing, no procession, no stripping of the altar, no watching or staying

- Nothing outside of church

- Unveiling of the cross to be done by the priest.

- Veneration of the cross to be done at a distance by bowing or silent contemplation

- Stations of the Cross – only the priest is allowed to move around the church

- Easter vigil – no votive candles, no baptisms. Easter candle as normal. (Fr Andy would like us to renew our baptismal promise)

- Events to be kept at a maximum of 45 minutes

Fr Andy would like to replace the Passion readings with some meditations, no bidding prayers, just straight into mass after the meditations. Fr Andy plus 2 readers will do this and they will come to the lectern separately.

Emma and Cathy will live stream all masses via Zoom during Holy Week

In order to plan readers, singing etc for Holy Week Monica will set up a specific meeting in the next 2 weeks and invite those that need to be there

Maximum numbers in church will increase to 56 in line with the risk assessment.

Minutes of Reflection Group 3rd January 2021– approved. Personal details are to be removed and not noted in future


Finance group will report quarterly

Blessed Richard Williamson

We have made the decision that Blessed Richard Williamson is part of our parish heritage and we are committed to getting it up to standards and re-opened.

John has already got £4,000 funding and has 2 other funding applications in. Maine to contact “Community Matters” to raise awareness

Donations via IIC -several people mentioned how frustrated they got trying to donate via IIC and eventually gave up and just gave Fr Andy money in an envelope. Worried that others may give up too. Ask Mark to contact IIC to see if there is a solution


- The big review is now taking place. There is a new Catholic Commission and consultation papers will be sent to parishes in the next month.

- Any volunteer must complete online safe-guarding training – details are on WhatsApp or available from Shauna.

- New safe-guarding posters are now on the website

Care Group

It was noted that the Care Group are doing essential work in the community. Thank you.


A reminder needs to be made that you can take communion home to give to people in your bubble.

CAFOD Walk – for WaterAid

Group from the parish are now doing this – great fund raising via Just Giving

Church Music

John reminded us that we are signed up to OneLicence and that we have to declare what hymns we are going to use to them in order to comply with copyright laws. The music will need to be removed from any recordings put on YouTube. Licence runs to November.

Lenten Groups

A WhatsApp group has been formed for those following the daily St Ignatius meditations

Some of the Parish are attending the Tuesday evening “What would Pope Francis say” online sessions.


Agreed that individual peoples contact details only to be put on with their express permission.

Young People

Monica and Fran to run a children’s’ mass on Zoom one Saturday evening. Details to be confirmed.

Celebration of the Year of St Joseph

Mary Clarke has shared her drawing with Shauna. Doing 2 -one for school and one for church. Children will do it with their thumb prints.

Next meeting

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