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12.12.2021 Newsletter

St Joseph’s, Dinnington Parish Priest: Fr. Andy Tel: 01909 562664

Weekend Masses: Sunday 9.30am in church; Saturday 6pm at Blessed William Richardson, Kiveton

Email: Website:

EMERGENCY CONTACT: In the event of an emergency where you may specifically require the services of a priest please continue to contact either Monica Carroll (07813 920844) or Anne Marie Carroll (07481 038633) Monica and Anne Marie can also be contacted if you need help from the Support group for shopping,


Week beginning Sunday 12th December 2021.

Saturday 11th December: 6pm Mass at Blessed William Richardson, (for Sunday)

Readings for the day:

Ecclesiasticus 48:1–4.9–11; Psalm:79:2–3.15–16.18–19; Matthew 17:10–13

(St Damasus I, Pope)

Sunday 12th December: THE THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT

9.30am Mass in Church (with live zoom stream)

Meeting ID: 853 6116 9151 Passcode: 007958

Readings: Zephaniah 3:14-18; Isaiah12:2-3, 4, 5-6; Philippians 4:4-7; Luke 3:10-18

Monday: Numbers 24:2-7,15-17; Psalm 24(25):4-6,7a-9; Matthew 21:23-27

(Saint Lucy, Virgin, Martyr)

Tuesday: 7pm am Mass in the Parish Rooms

Zephaniah 3:1-2,9-13; Psalm 33(34):2-3,6-7,16,18-19,23; Matthew 21:28-32

(Saint John of the Cross, Priest, Doctor)

WEDNESDAY: 7pm Penitential Service at St Joseph’s.

Isaiah 45:6-8,18,21-25; Psalm 84(85):9-14; Luke 7:19-23

Thursday: 8:30am Mass in the Parish Rooms

Isaiah 54:1-10; Psalm 29(30):2,4-6,11-13; Luke 7:24-30

Friday: Genesis 49:2,8-10; Psalm 71(72):1-4,7-8,17; Matthew 1:1-17

Saturday: 6pm: Mass at Blessed William Richardson, Kiveton. (For Sunday)

Readings for the day: Jeremiah 23:5-8; Psalm 71(72):1-2,12-13,18-19; Matthew 1:18-24

Next Sunday: The FOURTH Sunday of Advent

9.30am Mass in Church with live stream Zoom.

Readings: Micah 5:1-4; Psalm 79(80):2-3,15-16,18-19; Hebrews 10:5-10; Luke 1:39-45

Prayer for spiritual Communion

Oh my Jesus, I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.

I love you above all things, and I passionately desire to receive You into my soul.

Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally come spiritually into my soul.

so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen



Let us pray for the catechists, summoned to announce the Word of God: may they be its witnesses, with courage and creativity and in the power of the Holy Spirit.


7pm Wednesday 15th Penitential Service at St Joseph’s.

5.30pm Christmas Eve (Friday) Carols at St Josephs

6.00pm Christmas Eve Mass at St Josephs

9.30am Christmas Day (Saturday) Mass at St Josephs

9.30am Boxing Day (Sunday) Mass at St Josephs

SYNOD 2021 – 2023: Please be encouraged to take a copy of the first Synod questionnaire. (See below after the sick list) The goal is to ensure the participation of the greatest number possible, in order to listen to the living voice of the entire People of God and those we journey alongside. All your responses will be noted and be a part of the response of the whole diocese, this will then be taken forward with the responses of other dioceses and eventually be part of a worldwide response presented to the synod assembly in Rome. You are warmly encouraged to respond by simply stating if you agree or disagree with the statements (0 strongly disagree - 5 strongly agree) and if you are willing to make any additional comments that would be most appreciated. Please use the back of the sheet if you require any additional space to record your thoughts. Questionnaires are being given out at both Masses this weekend and are also available on the parish website Please share these with your family, friends, those who may not have attended church for some time and those who you feel may be able to make a contribution. Returns are requested no later than Monday December 20th and may be handed in at either St. Joseph’s or Blessed William Richardson or emailed to Thank you

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Is your child in Year 3 or above and would like to receive the sacrament of reconciliation and communion? We will be running the First Communion Preparation Course starting in January 2022 for both children and parents. If you are interesting please e mail Cathy Moutry or Lucy Liversidge

More details will be e mailed out to you.

FIVE BIBLE STUDIES ON THE ADVENT SUNDAY GOSPELS: This is a live streamed free of charge advent journey on You Tube which is taking place on Wednesdays: 24 Nov | 1 Dec | 8 Dec | 15 Dec | 22 Dec (7-8pm UK Time). Mauro Iannicelli, host, promises to break-open the Advent Sunday Gospels each Wed night with in- depth teaching and stimulating questions that will prepare us to experience Sunday Mass during Advent in a new way! For Info and Registration go to:


1. Help the Poor

• Give to Dinnington Food bank food 2nd collection in church 11/12th Dec or make a donation on line.

  • Give to the Street People Charity, CAFOD Climate Appeal, Foodbank Christmas Appeal

2. Help the Environment

Thurs 16th Dec Help the Conservation Volunteers to plant a hedge on the Pit Tip, contact Chris Parrott 07817542303

3. Reduce Waste goods, Waste Food and Christmas Presents

SALVATION ARMY: We usually make donations to the Salvation Army during Advent. This year you can make a donation directly to Dinnington Salvation Army or take food to the Salvation Hall on Saturdays between 9.30-11 am or leave with Chris Parrott. Please don't leave donations in church or at Fr Andy's house. They also have a direct just giving page which is

MARY'S MEALS: Double The Love with Mary’s Meals this Christmas

Mary’s Meals would like to thank you for your continued faithful support of our mission through your prayers, donations and fundraising. We have some wonderful news to share! From 1st November to 31st January, every gift given to Mary’s Meals will doubled by a group of generous supporters, up to £1.6m. This means a gift of £15.90 will feed, not one, but two children, a life-changing daily meal for a whole school year! Your kindness helps us bring joy to more than two million children in 19 countries around the world who we serve – including those affected by natural disasters, conflict and the ongoing Covid pandemic. For more information, please visit We have also been gifted a beautiful free Nativity script by bestselling author Frank Cottrell-Boyce and his wife Denise, which may be of interest for schools or children’s liturgy groups or maybe as a fun activity for families. Your help to reach the next hungry child is much appreciated and we wish you every blessing for the coming Christmas season.

God bless,


SWINTON LOCK: A fundraiser for Rotherham for those in need is Swinton Lock. At the moment they also have a fundraising page- The charity offers wide ranging help across the whole borough, including to those experiencing food poverty, and is being supported by Elizabeth, who many will know from her visits to the parish and who is herself a survivor of sexual exploitation, and has received help and support from the charity in the past.

Thank you to anyone who feels they can help out during these difficult times.

PLEASE REMEMBER OUR SICK ESPECIALLY IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES: George Blow & his Grandma, Mary Brady, Christopher Browne, Eileen Butterfield, Jim Chandler, Peggy Cummins, Gillian Gee, Brendan Handley, Robert Hume, Sophie Hughes, Des Jenkinson, Sheila Kobyluch; Ged Krotki, Kumba, Pat Luton, Isabel Main-Reade, Haylen Markillie, Charlie Massarella, Franz Muller, Izabella O’Rourke, John Parker, Emma Pearson (Glen’s daughter) Tom Rutherford, Sandra Sherratt, Olive Stafford, Robert Stock, Pat Vickers, Claire Watt, Teresa Williams and Michel


St. Joseph’s Dinnington

The first part of our Synodal journey begins with an invitation to respond to the following simple questions and statements below. Please score each of the statements.

0 (Strongly disagree) – 5 (Strongly agree)

1a) What is my dream for the future of the Catholic Church?

• The Catholic Church has resisted change resulting in a decline in membership.

• Catholic losses are significant, and some members will not return to church.

• For the Church’s voice to be heard today, it must learn a new way to teach.

• The lack of vocations to the priesthood and ageing priest problem remains a huge challenge.

• The Catholic Church should be working more in partnership with other traditions.

• Pope Francis wants a Church known, not for what it is against, but for what it is for.

• Laity involvement in liturgy and worship can bring great benefits to the Church.

• Women should have a key role in ministry in the Catholic Church.

Please comment…

• The Church needs to listen more to its community and to other Churches.

1b) And for St. Joseph’s Church and Blessed William Richardson?

• I appreciate the opportunity the Synod gives us to have a voice and be listened to.

• St. Joseph’s is a warm outgoing eucharistic community.

• I love being part of the parish and enjoy my involvement

• I believe St. Joseph’s is an outward looking and forward-thinking parish.

• My involvement in the parish has helped me move nearer to God

• I listen carefully to others and value and respect their opinions.

• I am fully committed to world peace, environmental welfare, social equality and justice

• I believe St. Joseph’s is fully inclusive and no one is marginalised.

Please comment…

1c) Can we as a community become more outward-looking, more missionary?

• I understand the purpose of the Synod and the opportunities it presents to us.

• When covid restrictions are lifted and we return to public worship, everything will be fine.

• The parish supports my family in the development of their faith.

• We engage with different faiths and traditions in the community.

• We respond to the changing needs of society and acceptance of all

• The parish is well positioned to offer professional support and guidance if required.

• We respond to the needs of our local and global communities

• Parish communication reaches out and is generally good and effective.

• Everyone is welcome at St. Joseph’s, and no one is marginalised.

Please comment ……..

1d) Are you? (Under 18)( 18 – 44)(45 – 64)(65 – 74)( 75+) Male/Female ………… or prefer not to say

Describe St Joseph’s in 3 words: ????

Please return to Anne Marie Carroll no later than Monday 20th December 2021

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