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Live Simply January 2022

Live Simply January:- Eat more Vegetarian & Vegan Food and Reduce your Consumption of Meat & Dairy Products

Events – TBA when the COVID situation improves

· Vegetarian / Vegan food parish shared table/ tasting event

· Visit to a Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

· Visit to Potteric Carr Nature Reserve Doncaster to see the Starling Murmuration – A wonder of the natural world on our doorstep

Preview the Spectacle on YouTube

Help the Poor

· Donate to Charities eg. Dinnington Foodbank, CAFOD, Street People

· Campaign for Climate Justice

· Buy from companies who pay the living wage at home and abroad

· Join the CAFOD campaign calling for the UK government to introduce a new Business, Human Rights and Environment Act to hold business to account when it fails to prevent human rights abuses and environmental harm.

Help the Environment

· Feed the birds

· Provide clean fresh water for the birds

· Leave undisturbed wild areas in your garden, piles of leaves and brushwood provide shelter for animals to nest and hibernate in

· Wait until early spring to tidy and prune in the garden to provide shelter for insects

· Plan to plant some Bee, Bird and Insect friendly plants in your garden

· Donate to Wildlife and Environmental Charities

Live Simply

Reducing your consumption of meat, especially red meat is one of the biggest things you can do to reduce Global Warming, CO2 emissions, Pollution and Deforestation

· Eat more vegetables to improve your health and reduce pressure on the NHS

· Eat more vegetables to help you lose weight.

· Start with one vegetarian day each week, then increase it to 2, 3, 4 days and beyond!

  • Use half the quantity of meat /mince in recipes and substitute the rest with lentils, beans or nuts

  • Research new veggie recipes on the internet and recipe books.

  • Watch Go Veggie and Vegan with Matt Tebbutt starts Thurs 13th Jan 7pm Channel 5

· Exchange tried and tested vegetarian/vegan recipes

  • Please leave copies of your favourite veggie recipes in the box at the back of church or post them on the What’s App group

  • Exchange information about tried and tested ready-made veggie and vegan foods from the supermarket

    • Please leave your suggestions in the box at the back of church or post them on the What’s App group

  • Swop cow’s milk for vegan alternatives

  • Buy more locally produced vegetables in season or frozen veg produced in the UK

  • Buy less vegetables that have been flown in from abroad

  • Share a vegetarian meal with friends

  • Try the vegetarian options in restaurants

    • P.T.O


Vegetarian Recipe Websites

Vegetarian Society

Help the Environment

How to help Birds

Gardening for Wildlife

Help the Poor

CAFOD Human Rights Campaign

Companies who pay the real living wage at home

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