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03.02.2021 Reflection Meeting

St. Joseph Dinnington

Reflection Group meeting 3.2.2021. (7pm Zoom)

Present: Father Andy Graydon, Shauna Hilton (Chair), Alison Bergomi, Anne-Marie Carroll, Monica Carroll, Mary Gillgrass, Christine Handley, Maine Hobart, Tony & Marie Lear, Mark Massarella, Helen McKinney, Maria Paton, Emma Slack

Apologies: Ann Neill, John Cape

Fr Andy opened with a prayer about friendship

Reflection on EASTER

All masses booked as normal – set deadline for bookings

17th February - Ash Wednesday – small papers with ashes in to be taken as people leave. (ashes blessed during the service). 6pm (Church & live stream)

Penitential mass Wednesday 24th March 6pm Church & live stream)

Palm Sunday 28th March – Palms at back of church for people to take as they leave – remainder left in pergola for those that can’t attend mass to take (Church & live stream)

Maundy Thursday 1 April. - eucharistic mass only (Church & live stream). 6pm

Good Friday 2 April - 3pm– veneration of the cross (stay in seats and bow or bring their own cross on Zoom). Meditation on the Stations of the Cross (Church & live stream)

Easter Vigil Saturday 3 April – 5pm no procession of the candle. Cut to 2 old testament readings and the Gospel. (Church & live stream)

Easter Sunday 4th April 9.30 (Church & live stream)


Live stream – move lights as whiting out faces on lectern, check sound – seems quieter when Andy at chair and echo at lectern

Minutes of Reflection Group 13th January 2021– reviewed – need tidying up for sharing

In future Finance group will create a summary to share


Emma joined Mark on finance group and they met up. Once year end accounts are done and shared by Ann, Emma and Mark will reviewed the more detailed figures and create a budget for strategic decisions. From now on Finance Group will give quarterly update and any major expenditure plans can be discussed in Reflection Group with Finance Group.


Donations -Shauna tested this and it took her half an hour! Worried that others may give up! Mark will look again with Hilary. Emma to check the project is linked directly to the Donation button. We may need to look at simpler ways of people donating.

Maine suggested we create FaceBook page and advertise fundraising for BRW

ES to make old website make redirect to new website larger

Welcome pack pages have been sent out to the co-ordinators to update.

Safeguarding page is now on website

Fund raising for Blessed Richard Williamson

Monica suggested Thermometer on church and article in local Community Matters magazine


There is a massive debate within the churches at the moment to decide how this is going to be made better

Sharing of Bread & Wine at virtual mass

Fr Andy is happy that families do this if they wish. Fr Andy to write a reflection on what it means.

CAFOD Walk – for WaterAid

Chris doing – been a big response on the WhatsApp people who want to join in.

Fuel Poverty Grant

Monica sent to Dinnington High School, Shauna taken into school. Can’t think how else to tell people about it. Christine suggested tell Salvation Army.

Young People

Criche - Retreat centre in Derbyshire has lots of online information for secondary school children – Mary to get details to share on WhatsApp.

Christine suggested we contacted the chaplain for St Bernard’s to help

Methodist church is doing things for young people that children could access.

Thank you to the young people who helped clear the snow from the carpark.

Anne-Marie suggested in future invite young people to be stewards.

Maria mentioned there is funding/pots of money to help under 26’s

Fran would run with a childrens’ mass on Zoom. Monica to ask Fran to come up with a plan.

Future children’s first communion – move to advent and possibly Cathy and Alison run it.

St Joseph’s

Mary sent photo of statue. Doing 2 -one for school and one for church. Children will do it with their thumb prints.

Bible Group

7 in the current group that Monica is in. Consensus to follow the Bible Society. Start week of Ash Wednesday and invite other to join.

There are some free zoom meetings “What would Pope Francis do?” that Anne-Marie has details of and will share via WhatsApp. May be more appealing to youth.

Rotherham Council – use of Parish Rooms for local election 6th May

We have sent all health and safety and covid protection to Rotherham. Local elections may be put back to autumn.


PAT testing done in both churches. Video under the TV was removed because did not pass

Forecast snow again this weekend. Mark will line up a team to clear snow Saturday but if it falls early Sunday there may be issues.

Next meeting – March 3rd 7pm

Thank you Emma for the minutes.

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