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Live Simply

in Solidarity with the Poor

and Sustainably with Creation

St. Joseph’s Parish Campaign 2021 -2022

This year we have seen many events caused by Climate Change, including devastating Floods, Fires, Storms and Unprecedented high temperatures. It is very clear that we are facing a Crisis that affects each and every one of us, a crisis that is damaging our world, our common home, God’s creation.

This crisis is pushing millions of people around the world into poverty and deepening inequality. The poorest and most vulnerable people in the world are the ones who are being hardest hit by climate change. Harvests are failing. Cities are flooding and land is being washed away by rising sea levels. Entire communities are finding it harder and harder to survive in the place they call home and having to leave their land

It is important that we as a parish respond to Pope Francis’ request in his encyclical Laudato Si to hear the Cry of the Poor and the Cry of the Earth.  Pope Francis is challenging us to look hard at our lifestyle and to choose to Live Simply in Solidarity with the Poor and Sustainably with Creation

Pope Francis points out that we are facing many issues for example

  • Climate Change,

  • Pollution

  • Loss of Biodiversity

  • A Spiritual Crisis

And he says that we should respond to them all – a big Challenge!!

In addition he says that we should

  • Inform ourselves about the issues

  • Join others to campaign about the issues

so we have plenty of work to do!!

There are too many issues to respond to all at once and so the Reflection group are inviting us to take a year to try to make changes to our lifestyle that will help reduce our impact on the planet, help us to live in harmony with Nature, and to help poor and vulnerable people affected by Climate Change

Each month we will introduce a different theme and invite the parish to contribute their ideas on simple ways to change our lifestyle either by putting them on the suggestion board in church, on the what’s app group or on a page on the Parish Website Then at the end of the month we will invite feedback on what went well and what didn’t work.

Encouraging you to inform yourselves about the issues

There will be some information leaflets available later in October on :-

  • Pope Francis’ Challenge to Live Simply and Hear the Cry of the Poor and the Cry of the Earth


  • Climate Change


  • What the COP26 conference is about.

The COP26 conference on climate change is happening in November. World leaders are meeting in Glasgow to discuss measures to limit Global Rise in temperature to 1.5%.


We are encouraging everyone to seek information, there will be plenty of news items and documentaries this month in advance of the COP26 conference next month.

We are also urging you to Campaign.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by signing petitions on the internet, CAFOD has some petitions to sign and there are petitions for Protecting the Environment and preserving access to open spaces.


Links will be posted on the Parish Website and on the What’s App groups.

If you know of any others, please post them on the What’s App group or send them to Emma Slack  emma@slack68.plus.com  so that they can be posted on the Parish Website

Documents you can read

What is climate change?

What COP26 means and why the UN climate summit matters


Reclaim our common home. Action Cafod

Access to Nature - Ramblers

Global Deal for Nature 

Monthly Activities


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