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PRE -Pastoral Renewal Exchange

Who is Pastoral Renewal Exchange for?

Anyone interested in improving the quality of the pastoral work of the Church – clerical, religious and lay people, specialists and practitioners.

What is PRE trying to do?

To promote pastoral renewal by keeping its members informed of personal experiences and experiments and the thinking behind them by referring to books, articles, relevant ideas and useful resources.

How does PRE try to achieve this?

Through a twice yearly, non-profit-making publication, made up of positive and practical contributions some of which are provided by its members and aimed specifically at their needs and interests.

Most members currently prefer to receive PRE as a paper copy but it is also possible to receive it electronically by email.  Copies of articles in PRE since February 2012 (PRE 125) are also available by email.


The History of PRE


  • PRE is posted and/or emailed to a considerable number of members mainly in the British Isles and Ireland.

  • The “home” of PRE since its beginning has been St Joseph’s Parish, Dinnington, South Yorkshire.

  • PRE began in June 1978 with 150 members.

  • PRE has never been publicly advertised. There are no fixed subscriptions. Members are simply invited to send what they can to cover costs. Costs are kept to a minimum by a network of voluntary workers. This system has worked well and has many advantages. The recommended donation for a year is £10 (UK postage).

  • The non-commercial nature of the project has led to an important development in PRE. In addition to exchanging their own personal ideas and experiences, members can use it as a clearing house for features in other publications which have appealed to them. No busy person could afford the time (or cost) involved in reading all the "pastoral information" which is in circulation today.

  • In PRE we always try to make sure we give the reference to the original source, and publishers have been happy that their publications and resources are being commended to others.

  • In any particular issue of PRE there may only be one or two articles that are of immediate value to a particular member, but the sheets can easily be filed away for later reference. Individual sheets can be readily photocopied for wider distribution. PRE relies on members sending in material to be shared, with the editorial team reserving the final responsibility for selection. Contributions should be to the point and should not normally exceed 1200 words.

  • At times the contents of PRE may be provocative and controversial, but the aim is to avoid extreme views and to be positive and constructive in promoting the pastoral renewal initiated by Vatican 2.


  • Fr Brian Green was editor of PRE from June 1978 until April 2012. Liam Harron edited PRE from June 2012 to March 2014.

  • From June 2014 Tony Lear has begun to share the editing of PRE.  A St Joseph’s parish group has been established to help with future editions of PRE. 



Any general communications relating to “Pastoral Renewal Exchange” should be sent to:

Tony Lear:  "PRE"  24 Marlborough Close, Gateford, Worksop S81 7RN

Tel: 01909 476410   email:

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