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25.09.2022 Newsletter

St Joseph’s, Dinnington Parish Priest: Fr. Andy Tel: 01909 562664

Weekend Masses: Sunday 9.30am in church; Saturday 6pm at Blessed William Richardson, Kiveton

Email: Website:

EMERGENCY CONTACT: In the event of an emergency where you may specifically require the services of a priest please contact either Monica Carroll (07813 920844) or Anne Marie Carroll (07481 038633)

Week beginning Sunday 25th September September 2022

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

SATURDAY 24th September 2022


6pm Service of the Word with Holy Communion at Blessed William Richardson,

Readings for the day:

Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:8; Psalm 89(90):3-6,12-14,17; Luke 9:43-45

SUNDAY 25th September 9.30am Mass in St. Joseph’s

Readings: Amos 6:1,4-7; Psalm 145(146):7-10; 1 Timothy 6:11-16; Luke 16:19-31

MONDAY: Job 1:6-22; Psalm 16(17):1-3,6-7; Luke 9:46-50

(Saints Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs)

TUESDAY: 11.30am-12.30 Hour of quiet prayer at Blessed William Richardson, Kiveton.

No evening Mass

Job 3:1-3,11-17,20-23; Psalm 87(88):2-8; Luke 9:51-56

(Saint Vincent de Paul, Priest)

WEDNESDAY: Job 9:1-13,14-16; Psalm 87(88):10-15; Luke 9:57-62

(Saint Wenceslaus, Martyr or Saints Laurence Ruiz and his Companions, Martyrs)


Daniel 7:9-10,13-14; Psalm 137(138):1-5; John 1:47-51

FRIDAY: Job 38:1,12-21,40:3-5; Psalm 138(139):1-3,7-10,13-14; Luke 10:13-16

(Saint Jerome, Priest, Doctor)

SATURDAY: 6pm Mass at Blessed William Richardson, Kiveton

Job 42:1-3,5-6,12-17; Psalm 118(119):66,71,75,91,125,130; Luke 10:17-24

(Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Virgin, Doctor) ●

Next Sunday: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time 9.30am Mass in church


Habakkuk 1:2-3,2:2-4; Psalm 94(95):1-2,6-9; 2 Timothy 1:6-8,13-14; Luke 17:5-10

PARISH PRAYER FOR THE WEEK:We pray for our local community: that through God’s grace we may be good neighbours to each other and to the whole of creation, restoring and caring for all that God has made. Lord, in your mercy…

(Source: CAFOD Weekly prayers of intercession)


We welcome Fr Geoff Bottoms to celebrate Mass at St Joseph’s this Sunday.

RIP FRANZ MULLER: We continue to keep Helena and the family in our thoughts and prayers. A Requiem Mass will take place at St Marie’s Cathedral on 6th October.

PARISH PICNIC: Many thanks to all the parishioners who joined the Parish Picnic. We had a lovely gathering with plenty of good food. Many thanks to Siobhan for providing the music. It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with everyone.

CAFOD FAMILY FAST DAY – World Food Crisis Appeal. Friday 7th October. Millions of families are facing a food crisis that could be the worst in living memory. As each day goes by, the situation worsens. As people of faith we must act. Your donations can help CAFOD’s local experts to provide emergency food supplies to families in the worst affected countries in East Africa and support communities around the world working hard to put food on the table. Please give today or start a monthly gift to CAFOD. Use the envelope for our parish collection or go to

INVITATION TO WEBINAR: Thank you for your recent generous support for seafarers and fishers on Sea Sunday. As a follow up, Catholic charity Stella Maris (formerly called Apostleship of the Sea) invites you to join a webinar on Tuesday 27th September from 7.30pm to 9pm GMT to learn more about the issue of seafarer abandonment, and how donations like yours on Sea Sunday are supporting those in crisis. If you would like to attend, please register in advance at

FLAME 2023 - 14-23? Join us on Saturday 4th March 2023 at Wembley Arena for the largest Catholic gathering of young people in England and Wales. Passes cost just £30 including entrance and travel (a subsidised cost from £62). for more information email:

THE POPE’S INTENTIONS FOR SEPTEMBER: Abolition of the Death Penalty We pray that the death penalty, which attacks the dignity of the human person, may be legally abolished in every country

ST BERNADETTE RELIC TOUR - 4th/5th October 2022. Please see the programme for the visit of the relics to the Diocese of Hallam. Each year our diocese goes on pilgrimage to Lourdes. Next month, Lourdes is coming to our diocese. All are very welcome. Registration is useful but is not required and you can attend any of the liturgies at the Cathedral and St-Peter-in-Chains, Doncaster. For more information on this national event please visit<> and<> . This short video trailer gives more information too

Unfortunately there were insufficient numbers to make the hiring of a mini bus to visit the Relics viable.

LIVE SIMPLY SEPTEMBER: The Season of Creation 1 Sept - 4 Oct is a special time for all Christians to pray and work together to care for our common home. It is dedicated to prayer and action. The theme this year is "Listen to the Voice of Creation" See the leaflet in church for Pope Francis' message and some suggestions for action.

ST WILFRID’S CENTRE: An Autumn Fayre will be held at the Centre on Queens Road on Friday 30 September 11am - 3pm to raise much needed funds. Please come along and support the event and if you are able to support us by donating anything towards our fundraising stalls (cakes, plants, homemade jams, tombola prizes - no alcohol thank you) this will be much appreciated.


Across the diocese, one of synod conversations was asking for opportunities to learn more about Scripture. In response, you are now being invited to a performance of the whole gospel of Mark in one evening. We are used to hearing stories and extracts from the Gospels at Mass; as you probably know, since the reforms of Vatican ll, the lectionary is organised into three-year cycles of readings, A, B, or C, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent.

● Year A: Gospel of Matthew

● Year B: Gospel of Mark

Year C: Gospel of Luke, which we are in now.

(The Gospel of John is read throughout Easter, and other liturgical seasons)

The performance of “I, Mark”, at St Marie’s Cathedral on 8 October at 7pm, gives you the opportunity to gather to listen to nearly the whole Gospel, all in one evening. What will it be like to be open to hearing this, the oldest Gospel, in this setting, in this way? It will be a different way of experiencing the Word of God, and there will be opportunity afterwards to ask questions, and share your response to the experience. All are welcome. There is no charge but there will be opportunity to contribute towards the cost of the event.

For further information or to book your ticket go to

For further enquiries contact

DIOCESAN DAY OF REFLECTION: The Diocesan Spirituality Group would like to invite everyone to a Diocesan Day of Reflection.

Date: November 27th 2022, The First Sunday in Advent.

Venue: Hallam Pastoral Centre. St Charles St. Sheffield S9 3WU.

Time: 10am until 5pm.

Concluding with the Celebration of Mass.

There is no need to book, just turn up with your picnic lunch, tea and coffee can be provided.

PLEASE REMEMBER OUR SICK ESPECIALLY IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES: George Blow & his Grandma, Mary Brady, Christopher Browne, Eileen Butterfield, Jim Chandler, Peggy Cummins, Gillian Gee, Robert Hume, Sophie Hughes, Des Jenkinson, Owen Jenkinson; Sheila Kobyluch; Ged Krotki, Kumba, Isabel Main-Reade, Haylen Markillie, Charlie Massarella, Izabella O’Rourke, John Parker, Emma Pearson (Glen’s daughter), Irene Raszyk, Sandra Sherratt, Olive Stafford, Robert Stock, Pat Vickers, Claire Watt, Teresa Williams and Michel


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