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Live Simply January 2023

Live Simply Campaign January

Reduce Meat and Dairy

Live Simply

News – The Bishops of England and Wales made the following Resolutions on the Environment at their Autumn Plenary last year.

Friday Abstinence The Bishops’ Conference urges all Catholics to refresh their weekly observance of Friday abstinence by not eating meat on Fridays. A recent study at Cambridge University suggested that this would have a considerable impact on lessening carbon emissions by 55,000 tonnes each year. This is equivalent to 82,000 return flights to New York from London!

In abstaining from meat on Fridays, we act in solidarity with those who face hunger and poverty every day and we act to care for creation by recognising the environmental impact of meat production. We also act in memory of the death of Christ, by which our broken relationships with each other and with God’s creation are healed.

There are an estimated 1.34 billion Catholics in the world - (source, the Vatican, 2019). - think of the difference we can make together!

Suggested response:– Many of us are already trying to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products we eat, here are some easy swops you can make that the family might not notice or they may even prefer : -


· Mince for lentils – try using half and half at first until you get used to it.

· Meat burgers for Veggie burgers – they don’t taste the same as meat but many are really good.

· Meat balls for Veggie Balls – Bird’s Eye Green Cuisine Meat balls are really good.

· Cow’s milk for plant based milk.

· Dairy cream for Soya or Oat cream – Oatly is really good

· Dairy yogurt for plant based yogurt - Oatgurt is really good.

· Dairy ice cream for plant based ice cream. Swedish Glace ice cream is available in supermarkets and it’s delicious

· Vegan cheese is worth a try - Violife Greek White, Applewood Smoky Vegan, and Violife Soft cheese are all good.

· Mayonaise for Vegan Mayonaise - Hellmans Vegan mayonnaise is really good.

· Flax seed for eggs in baking – replace each egg in your recipe with 1 tblsp ground flax seed soaked in 2 tblsp water for 5 mins. Also add 1 tsp baking powder and 1 Tblsp wine/cider vinegar to the cake mixture to make it rise.

Carbon Emissions The Bishops’ Conference have asked the dioceses of the Catholic Church in England and Wales to declare target dates for a stated reduction of carbon emissions or report on how close they are to having the information necessary to set such a target.

Response :-We are actively promoting reduction of Carbon Emissions in our parish

Live Simply Award The Bishops’ Conference commends the Live Simply Award as a response to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us as a sign of solidarity with the poor and a desire to live in harmony with God’s creation.

Response: – Our parish has signed up to work towards the Live Simply Award.

Live Sustainably with Creation and in Solidarity with the Poor

COP15: United Nations Conference on Biodiversity - Biodiversity refers to all the Earth's living things and the way they are connected in a complex web of life that sustains the planet.

News :- In December The UN Conference on Biodiversity reached a 'historic' deal to protect nature, they have agreed to protect a third of the planet for nature by 2030 in a landmark deal aimed at safeguarding biodiversity. There will also be targets for protecting vital ecosystems such as rainforests and wetlands and the rights of indigenous peoples.

The UN Development Programme said the "historic agreement" meant people around the world could hope for real progress to halt biodiversity loss.

The main points include:

· Maintaining, enhancing and restoring ecosystems, including halting species extinction and maintaining genetic diversity

· Sustainably using and managing biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people will be valued, maintained and enhanced.

· Ensuring that the benefits of resources from nature, like medicines that come from plants, are fairly and equally shared

· Indigenous peoples' rights will be protected

· Paying for and putting resources into biodiversity: Ensuring that money and conservation efforts get to where they are needed.

Canada's Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault said ‘’ "It is truly a moment that will mark history as the Paris Agreement did for climate change."

Why these agreements are needed:-

· 1 million animal and plant species are threatened by extinction.

· Global populations of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles plunged by 68%, on average, between 1970 and 2016.

· Assessments suggest 75% of land and 66% of the oceans has been degraded by human activity including farming, deforestation and building.

· The UK is one of the world's most nature-depleted countries - in the bottom 10% globally and last among the G7 group of nations. A study has found that has an average of about half of the UK’s biodiversity is left, far below the global average of 75%.

Action – please pray that countries, especially our country will work to implement the targets as they are not legally binding

News A letter has been sent to our MP Alexander Stafford asking him to urge the government to take urgent action on the plastic pollution crisis by specifically committing to plastic reduction in the upcoming Environment Act targets that will be published this month

Live in Solidarity with the Poor

In these times when the cost of food has risen by 14% and the cost of energy has risen by 400% many people who were only just managing have been pushed into poverty. Please continue to support charities wherever you can.

On Sunday 15th January Les Clarke from the Salvation Army Foodbank will come to talk to us at mass about the Salvation Army and the Dinnington Foodbank. There will be a second collection please support this as generously as you can.

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