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12.05.2025 Newsletter

St. Joseph’s Dinnington.   Parish Priest:  Fr Andy.   Tel: 01909 562664

Weekend Masses:

9.30am Sunday at St. Joseph’s

6pm Saturday at Blessed William Richardson, Kiveton (for Sunday)


In the event of an emergency where you may specifically require the services of a priest please contact either:

Monica Carroll (07813 920844) or Anne Marie Carroll (0784 038663)

Week beginning Sunday 12th May 2024

The Seventh Sunday of Easter (Year B)

SATURDAY: 11th May

6pm Mass  at Blessed William Richardson Church, Kiveton.

Readings for the day:

Acts 18:23-28;   Psalm 46(47):2-3,8-10;  John 16:23-28;   


9.30am Mass at St.Joseph’s

Readings for Mass:

Acts 1:15-17,​20-26;   Psalm 102(103):1-2,11-12,19-20;

1 John 4:11-16;   John 17:11-19

MONDAY: No Mass today

Acts 19:1-8;   Psalm 67(68):2-7;   John 16:29-33

●(((Our Lady of Fátima)


There is no hour of prayer at Kiveton this morning.

12 midday Funeral Mass for Teddy Kelly at St Bede’s, Rotherham

7pm Mass in the parish rooms

7.30pm Parish Care Support Group Meeting in the parish rooms

Acts 1:15-17,​20-26;   Psalm 112(113):1-8;   John 15:9-17

WEDNESDAY:  No Mass today

Acts 20:28-38;   Psalm 67(68):29-30,33-36;   John 17:11-19


8.30am Mass in the parish rooms

2pm The Rosary for Peace in the parish rooms

Acts 22:30,​23:6-11;   Psalm 15(16):1-2,5,7-11;   John 17:20-26

FRIDAY:  No Mass today

Acts 25:13-21;   Psalm 102(103):1-2,11-12,19-20;   John 21:15-19


6pm Mass at Blessed William Richardson Church, Kiveton

Acts 28:16-20,​30-31;   Psalm 10(11):4-5,7;   John 21:20-25

(Saint John I, Pope, Martyr)

Next Sunday: PENTECOST


Acts 2:1-11;   Psalm 103(104):1,24,29-31,34;

Galatians 5:16-25;   John 15:26-27,​16:12-15

PARISH PRAYER FOR THE WEEK:  We pray for all who are experiencing the terror of war and conflict, particularly those who are forced to flee their homes in fear. May God grant that they find open doors, minds and hearts wherever they seek shelter and peace.    Lord, in your mercy……

(CAFOD weekly prayers of intercession)

THE POPE’S INTENTION FOR MAY: For the formation of Religious and Seminarians

We pray that religious women and men, and seminarians, grow in their own vocations through their human, pastoral, spiritual and community formation, leading them to be credible witnesses to the Gospel.


RIP MICHEL:  We have been informed that sadly John Conroy’s son-in law, Michel, has died peacefully.  The family all reside in Canada. We pray for him and  his wife Jilly and their children.

RETIRING COLLECTION:  Following an update from the Reflection Group the date for the CAFOD collection for the crisis in Sudan will now be following Masses this weekend of  11th and 12th May.

CONGRATULATIONS: Siobhán Moylan and Thomas Bramall are pleased to announce their  forthcoming marriage which is taking place at St Joseph’s on 17th May at 1pm.  We send many congratulations to the happy couple.

CORPUS CHRISTI: This year’s Corpus Christi Procession in Sheffield will be on Sunday 2nd June, starting at 3.00pm from St Marie’s Cathedral. The procession is a wonderful way to witness to our Catholic faith in Our Lord present in the Most Holy Eucharist, and absolutely everyone is welcome to attend. If any of the altar servers from the parish would like to come and help out with the procession, they would be more than welcome. Any children who have recently made their First Holy Communion are especially encouraged to come and be with Our Lord on this special occasion in the Church’s year.


Coffee Afternoon:  The next Coffee afternoon is on Wednesday 15th June  1-3pm.

Reflection meeting: The next Reflection Meeting is on Wednesday 15th June at  7pm


The people of Sudan need our help urgently. CAFOD are launching an emergency appeal for donations to get aid to them on the biggest scale we can muster.

When violence broke out last year in Sudan between government and paramilitaries, most aid agencies evacuated. Now, humanitarian workers are struggling to get back into Sudan to help, meaning severe delays in getting aid to the people, and the challenges of getting into areas where fighting is still going on remain.  Many borders are shut as the government say they need to keep weapons out.

But the Church and our local partners are still there. Please, stand with them today.

The situation has gone from serious to desperate very quickly. The UN is calling it ‘the world’s worst displacement crisis’. At least 8 million people have had to flee their homes; famine looms.

 “At least 25 million Sudanese need immediate, emergency help. Families are already going hungry and famine is looming. This crisis threatens to become the worst in living memory.”             (Telley Sadia, CAFOD’s country representative for Sudan)


Let us, as Cardinal Nichols and Bishop Swarbrick wrote recently to Cardinal Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla, Archbishop of Juba and president of the Sudanese Bishops’ Conference,

‘extend to you the prayerful support of the Church in England and Wales and… express our solidarity with you in your current circumstances of profound distress. We have heard your cry in your recent statement, in which you reminded the international community of the need for support to bring about an end to the civil conflict and allow for immediate humanitarian access to alleviate hunger across Sudan.’

Our Caritas and Church networks are there when many aid agencies aren’t, where people are in a desperate situation. The Church in Sudan is already responding and asking us to help them do more. Even in this year of economic stretch for many people here, we know that the Catholic community will want to respond with compassion to help people facing famine.

 Despite this overwhelming scale, you will have seen how media attention is limited. We are calling on the Catholic community of England and Wales to give the people of Sudan our attention, and our hearts.


Live Simply: Neonicotinoid pesticides are lethal to Bees.  Please support beet farmers who chose not to use them. Sign the petition

Live Sustainably with Creation: Leave the lawn uncut in May, enjoy the wild flowers and the pollinators will enjoy a feast of pollen and nectar.

Live in Solidarity with the Poor: Cancel the Debt Campaign - Call on whoever is in government after the coming general election to commit to introducing a new debt justice law to cancel debt in lower income countries.

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: George Blow and his grandma;  Victoria Broughton; Christopher Browne;  Eileen Butterfield;  Jim Chandler;   Sam Cleasby;  Betty Delaney;  Pat Duffin;  Gillian Gee;  Robert Hume;   Sophie Hughes;  Owen Jenkinson;  Sheila Kobyluch;  Jed Krotki;  Kumba;  Isabel Main-Reade;  Haylen Markillie;  Charlie Massarella;  John Parker;  Emma Pearson (Glen’s daughter);  Annie Reynolds;  Maria Senogles;  Sandra Sherratt;  Olive Stafford;  Robert Stock;  Pat Vickers;  and Teresa Williams.

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