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Live Simply Campaign November

Theme - Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Help the Environment, Help the Poor


Help the Environment

• Join Dinnington and Anston Litter Picking Group details on facebook on contact Linda 01909 565319

• Pick up litter dropped on your street. (use thick gloves or a litter grabber)

Plant a Tree or a Bush to encourage wildlife and help to fix carbon from the atmosphere

Event – Parish Hedge Planting Day Date Thurs Dec 16th Venue Pit Tip (contact Chris Parrott for Details)

• Plant a tree or a shrub in your garden, school, church

• Give a tree or bush as a Christmas / Birthday Present

• Donate to National Trust for a tree to be planted in your name Details

Help the Poor

• Donate to the local Food Bank details on Parish Website

• Donate to the Street Friends contact Joanne Gibbs 07970 806162

• Donate to CAFOD Climate Appeal

Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Use less Energy and Save Money


• Walk or cycle more and use the car less.

• Slow down, driving at 50mph uses 25% less energy and driving at 60mph uses 15% less energy than driving at 70mph

• By driving economically you can save 30% on your fuel cost Go to the AA website for economical driving tips eg. Keep your tyres at the correct pressure, drive smooth and gentle

• Use Air Con sparingly

Laundry and Dish Washing

• Wash clothes at a lower temperature, use the economy cycle on the Washing Machine

• Wash clothes less often

• Don’t iron clothes, put them in the tumble drier for a short time, until they are just warm, take them out, give them a shake and hang them on a hanger to dry. The creases drop out by magic!

• Use the 20 min cycle on the dishwasher – the pots still come out clean!!

• Use a washing line to dry clothes rather than the tumble dryer

Heating and Lighting

• Turn the heat down and put extra clothes on. Every extra degree costs £30 more a year

• Turn off the radiators or reduce the temperature in rooms that you don’t use and close the door

• Close the curtains at night or on hot days

• Open the curtains during the day and get the benefit from the sun to warm the house

• Draft proof windows and doors

• Close the windows

• Turn off the lights when you leave a room

• Turn off the outside lights during the day and late at night.

• Only put the amount of water you need in the kettle

• Insulate your loft

• Insulate your hot water cylinder

• Install a smart meter

• Change to LED light bulbs use 90% less electricity and last 20 – 30 times longer

• Unplug appliances when they are not being used

• Turn the telly off and read a book

Showering and Washing

• Bath less, shower more baths use loads more water than showers

• Spend less time the shower

Fridge and Freezer

• Defrost the freezer and fridge regularly

• Keep the freezer full, a full freezer uses less energy

• Keep a jug/ bottle of cold water in the fridge for cold drinks to avoid running the tap until the water gets cold

• Don’t leave the door open too long

• Set the fridge temperature at 5 degrees and the freezer temperature at 18 degrees

Use green energy

• Consider having solar panels

• Change to a green energy supplier

• Consider having an electric car

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