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Minutes of St Joseph’s Reflection Group 9th June 2021

Apologies: A-M. C, C.H, M.M & J.C

Review of last month’s minutes

9 years yesterday that Fr Brian died and so a prayer was said reflecting on his legacy

1. Reflection – Covering for Fr Andy’s holidays

We will create a team of people who will be able to deliver a Service of the Word whilst Fr Andy is away if necessary. S.H will approach people to be on a rota, and the service will be split between a reader and someone who will do the reflection

2. Finance – we are only going to get quarterly finance reports. However, a few things were discussed and agreed

Income £17,651. Expenditure £7.644

Current account balance £27,107

See property for spending plans

3. Property

Repairs – we still need a priority list from M.M

St Josephs

• M.C son would like to fund new signage on the church in memory of his father.

• Fr. Andy’s kitchen – this will be done to coincide with Andy’s August holiday. M.C has organised the fitter, painter and decorator. A.B is going to clear out old kitchen and give any decent goods to St Wilfrids.

Blessed William Richardson

• has been painted inside and looks lovely and clean.

• Thanks to S.G and S. G who have sorted out the kitchen are.

• Just the outside rails to be done (due 10th June).

• M.M then believes the church will comply with Covid rules, but opening is not viable as due to social distancing rules we could only allow 12 people in.

• Inspection is due 17th June

4. Care Group

This group is working really hard. J.S has asked for the next meeting to be held in the Parish rooms with a shared table – (probably beginning of July). There are 8 in the group and we have agreed this is ok dependant on the 21 June Covid reports

5. First Communion Programme

C. M has seen the new Liverpool programme and is delighted with it. Not sure when we can start this

6. Safeguarding

A new board has been created in Catholic Safeguarding. CSSA

7. School

• Had Ofsted in, no report yet but went well

• A-M C. has put herself forward as a school governor.

• Happy for school field to be used for parish events as soon as it can be done safely

• Leavers mass 6th July. Year 6 students and family in church, and the mass will be Zoomed to school for the rest of the children

Next meeting July 7th at 7pm on Zoom still

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