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Minutes of the Reflection Meeting of March 9th 2022.

Present: Shauna Hilton, Fr. Andy, Mark Massarella, John Cape, Monica Carroll,

Alison Bergomi, Marie and Tony Lear, Máine Hobart, Anne Neill, Chris Parrott.

Apologies from Anne-Marie Carroll, Mary Gillgrass, Emma Slack,Marie Paton

J. C began the meeting with a report on the work done in the parish about the Synod.

He spoke for quite a while and will supply more of the work that will go in the final report.

He spoke about the replies from a group of 19-25 yr olds. We need to spend time looking for ways to help their spiritual life.

He spoke of the response he got from the URC East Midlands Moderator and how he appreciated the work done with the Catholic Church and Anglican Church in our area. We must continue with this link.

We should be able to use the report in the future to discuss ways to help the community develop spiritually and to develop ways to help those around us.John also noted it was strongly felt that the role of women in the church was under-utilised and undervalued, He felt that people still not sure what Synod means.

S.H. mentioned a new document from the about Children's Liturgy for schools. She found it very disappointing. Lots of detail but some very dogmatic and backward thinking. She is going to respond to the authors of the document.

C. P. spoke about changes to the Marriage preparation. She pointed out that herself and R.P. were the only couple giving the course now and another couple should be found and even a third.

A comment was made that in public life Boards that had women present worked better and were more productive.

The role of the priest in parishes must be discussed. Suggested a priest is there to empower. The journey not the destination is what matters in parishes.

Easter liturgies were talked about.

We will have the Holy Thursday Service at 7pm

Good Friday service will be at 3pm

Saturday Service at 6pm . We will see if the brightness of the hour affects the service.

Easter Sunday Mass at 9.30am.

A Confessional Service will be the week before-Wednesday 6th April at 7pm

Sacrament for the sick will be held later in the summer.

Some people still unhappy about shaking hands and feel receiving the wine is too soon. This will be on hold for now.

The First Communion date is the 1st May with a party at school.

The children’s Mass is May 15th

Mark M gave a report of the budget for the coming year. We will have quarterly reports from now on.The information will be found in the sheets provided by M.M.

Mark also discussed the Building Works.

The roofing at St. Joseph’s will be looked at and cost of repair given. M.M and M.C. are going to sort things in the sacristy.

The damage done by the tank leaking will be left to dry out and a claim on Insurance will be made.

Radiators for Kiveton will be fitted soon.

It was suggested that there was a bad smell from our toilets and they need a check.

C. P spoke about Living Simply. She was thanked for all her hard work. She spoke about delivering the letter to A. Stafford and he listened to her appeal.

She spoke about the walks for Cafod over Lent and already £290 has been raised. M.H. said that £100 was raised for Kiveton food bank already by the group of walkers.

S.H.spoke about a course on safe guarding to do with Mental capacity. It was worth while.

Coffee after Mass will start at Easter. Rotas needed. Alison will take it on.

Shauna suggested that a buffet might be in order for all the workers who looked after the parish during COVID.

Next Reflection Meeting 5th April and we hope to have a speaker about the Ukraine.

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