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Reflection Meeting Minutes 2.11.2022

Reflection Meeting Minutes 2/11/22

Present: Andy Graydon, Chris Parrott, Mary G, Marie & Tony Lear, Mark Massarella, Shauna Hilton, Andrea Ellery, John Cape, Anne-Marie Carroll, Anne-Marie Brammer, Alison Bergomi, Maine Hobart

Apologies: Anne Neill, Maria Paton, Helen Arden, Monica Carroll, Emma Slack

Reflection – Clericalism

General discussion on the effects of clericalism and how the power of a priest can be absolute and how this fits in with Synodality which promotes that people are the church and should be actively involved as much as possible. Canon law traditionally gave priests the control – is this still relevant today, especially as the number of priests is lessening? Can we stand up against this? What can we actually do? Is there even an accountability in the church, as there is in all other institutions?

Minutes of September meeting – agreed upon

Planning annual rota for speakers at Mass. JC and SH met and created a provisional diary of speakers for the full year. Will now continue to approach those involved and create a complete rota.

A planner for the Parish rooms needed? So we can write events down for others to be aware of.

Finance – MM keeping eye on outgoings as seem a little high this month, but will check on any bills that might have been paid that he is unaware of. Quotes for bathroom in Presbytery – around £5,000 – 6,000. This was approved.

Heating being adjusted and reduced in both Kiveton and St Joseph’s to help with heating bills.

MM bought card reader for donations.

Live Simply – CP gave update. Thanks from CAFOD for our donation. CP has registered parish for the Live Simply Award and sent Action Plan to CAFOD.

• KM agreed to actively manage heating times in church

• MM looked at loft insulation in Presbytery. Needs doing and he will get some quotes

• CP to order some free water saving devices for toilets in church

• Link to CAFOD letter to Prime Minister about COP27 put on Parish WhatsApp and website

• Prayer vigil and petition at Bishops conference in Leeds on 14th Nov seeking their support for countries suffering effects of climate change through no fault of their own

• Laudato Si Animators sending letter to Cardinal Nichols. Catholic church not yet divested from fossil fuels but Hallam Diocese, along with one or two other dioceses have begun this.

• Webinar Monday 7th November at 7pm – CAFOD & partners discussing action to be taken on climate change (to be recorded)

• Global Day of Action for Climate Justice Sat 12 Nov at 12 noon, Barkers Pool Sheffield

• Webinar Thurs 24th Nov at 7pm – discussion of COP27

Warm Spaces – has begun on Wednesday and Thursdays 12 noon – 3pm Volunteers needed. MM going to get A board for outside to advertise when open. Posters to be displayed on the notice board.

Gift Aid envelopes – AC currently dealing with this.

Scripture Group – AMC not had any messages or calls about this, but expects about 5 or 6 people at the first meeting next week.

Notice board – needs checking for relevant details

SH – updating DBS for those that need them

Christmas tree – parishioners to be encouraged to put card for parish on and donated money saved. Crib figures being made by G. S.

Next meeting: 7th December

The meeting closed with a prayer.

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