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13.01.21 Reflection Group Meeting


13th January 2021 at 7pm on Zoom

Present: Father Andy Graydon, Shauna Hilton (Chair), Alison Bergomi John Cape, Anne-Marie Carroll, Monica Carroll, Mary Gillgrass,

Christine Handley, Maine Hobart, Tony & Marie Lear, Mark Massarella, Helen McKinney, Anne Neill, Maria Paton, Emma Slack

Apologies: Nuala Nelis, Kate Patterson

Father Andy started the meeting with a prayer.

Reflection: Our Young People

• Need to think about how we can involve our young people when the pandemic is over or even before.

• How do we look at our first communion programme, how can we involve our young people via say Zoom? Use of break out rooms within the mass, age appropriate.

• Have a Eucharist as we do the Zoom Mass and share in that way, make it really eucharistic, whether it is sacramental; make it a children’s Mass with the children doing all the readings and everyone got a job.

• We have the social interaction of the ladies group, coffee morning, wine evening and that worked but alongside, could there be a little bit afterwards, a little quiz or social interaction.

• Worth experimenting or we postpone it for a year and have some serious thoughts about it for next year, maybe by Advent family.

• Ask the teenagers what they would like, because a ready-made group.

• Could have a monthly Mass with the children, focussing on their participation.

Minutes of Reflection Group 9th December 2020 These were approved

2021 The year of St Joseph – ideas of how to mark this in our parish

• Work on for the year of the Word could be used for the year of St Joseph.

• Artwork of Our Lady is inside Church, could it be done on some material that would withstand the weather and say waterproof paint to bring to the attention outside.

• School and Parish are called St Joseph’s to do a celebration to try and bring in teenagers say and maybe write up something of their experiences at St Joseph’s to bring in the different age groups.

Lent and Holy Week

Fr A it is good that we can at least do something, ashes may not be possible.

An on-line Bible Course?

There are six in the Bible group, and it could come up with a good idea and open it up for the parish. Beginning of lent is 17 Feb.

Kiveton BWR

• Fixed Wire test done and MM awaits for official report and will chase.

• Engineer said there were a few minor points and the report that will come out will be scaled. From what he explained to MM that there is nothing major that we cannot get sorted with an electrician, hopefully not hold up.

• MM completed two sockets at the back of church, the wall at the back of church is drying out well but the one by the little chapel is still very wet and so hopefully it will dry . Said to Decorator, we will have to leave the back to smarten up the church itself.

• Bit of work needed to put up balustrade at back of church and safety toolbox.

• If we are still going for 21st Feb to open then clearly we obviously do not have a covid plan for that church on the safety toolbox. We will need to organise an inspection.

• Sincere thanks to MM for all his work on Kiveton.

• Kiveton opening put on hold for time being owing to Lockdown.

Web page

ES has had some very nice feedback. Maria Oldroyd can put the newsletters on. If anything else wants going on then let her know. Youth page. Marie sent a sheet about PRE to go onto the website. Thanks to ES for all the hard work.

Church Mass – 32 on Sunday last, 8 of whom were over 70

• Fr A one of the reasons the Govt has allowed Churches to remain open is that they are shown to be a very safe place to go so yes, however under Lockdown conditions, opening Kiveton would be a negative move.

• We should discourage people and we have a duty of care, publicise that people over 70s should not be coming to Mass.

• Revised initial capacity of 56 from 42 but need to reduce to 42.

• Bottleneck created on the exit and however hard stewards try to manage and Andy has to move out of the exit from the church to allow a freer movement to exit.

• MC has completed the rota to the 28th March as will not be going to Mass anymore. MC has a system of numbering and will stay at home and enjoy a Zoom Mass.

Andy’s Kitchen

• Chosen some colours and waiting for the go ahead. Haven’t seen any quotes. John the Designer is working in the background, they have shut down. He will send a quote next week and he will send another quote. It will be under £10k. When we have a final assessment, from AC, any capital projects will have to come out of savings or partly out of the current account, over the last two years we have spent on day to day what we have taken.

• Need to look at the budgets, it is difficult to part do it anyway. They won’t be able to do it until it needs to be done. We can make payments in instalments rather than put the whole lot through at once. Can we pay out of the current account pay up to £5k. If out of savings then we have to ask the Diocese.

• The current account usually £14 to£17k or spend it. Now we have started to programme some expenditure at BWR we need to budget it in.

• If there are some health and safety issues then it has to be done. 3 or 4 months of covid still and reduce income still.

St J School

Lovely thing put up by Laura yesterday put up by the DoE and nice to see. Nice to see put up.


One issue is ongoing.

Finish with Glory BE.

Next Reflection Group Meeting 3rd February at 7pm

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