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10.01.2024 Reflection Meeting

Minutes of Reflection meeting

Date 10.1 2024


M Paton, Helen Arden, Andy Graydon, Mark Massarella, Anne Marie Carol.

Minutes Accepted

We began with a prayer that Andy had written


Any suggestions moving forward

*Include St Joseph's school in more events in the parish.

Children come to afternoon gatherings when possible.

It was thought that the Advent celebration linked well with the afternoon tea and chat before Christmas where parishioners were able to join with the school children and attend their service. Also, the school fair was well attended and was a good afternoon for all.

* Follow up on Maddie's ideas for youth links moving forward.

Invite Maddie to the reflection group and maybe change the date of the group meeting so that she can attend. This would give us the opportunity to listen to her thoughts and ideas and to respond to them.

These ideas include

Holiday activities

Projects for Lent/Easter

Summer Camp (age limit over Y6 age ie;10/11)

Help with child care

Bible studies

Sharing live simply ideas with youth

Links with OAPs in the parish

*Letter to the bishop no reply so far. Short discussion about the letter. There has been an acknowledgment of receipt of the letter by the bishop since the meeting.

*Synod Letter

Letter to the parishes re meeting in the diocese in February. Marie and Tony will attend.

*Safeguarding Audit

The diocese will have an audit in February 2 / 2

*Finance and Maintenance

Mark to send a report

Diocese contributions approx. £6,000 per annum

Minor repair to kitchen radiator noted

*Care Group

Judith was thanked at the meeting for the groups lead by her and their work and her talk to the parish.

*SVP the Hallam society of St Vincent De Paul

A letter received from Lizzie Salmon on behalf of the society as they would like to have a conference of Vincentians here at St Josephs

*Future Plans

Coffee afternoon !st of the Month 7th February

Cake Stall February 4th

Christmas Tree donations sent to;

Mary's Meals over £100 which is then price matched at this time and the Koby Foundation, Fr Andy has sent a cheque for over £100 on behalf of the parish.

January Food Bank to be as a monetary collection

Chris and Roy were thanked for their work with Marriage Preparation, but it is time for them to pass the baton to Giorgio and Alison who will carry it forward. They may need support as the Thomas’s have now moved away.

Date of next meeting not decided as we hope to invite Maddie to discuss her ideas on youth.

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