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05.10.2022 Relection Group Meeting.

St Joseph’s Reflection Group Minutes

5th October 2022

Attendees: Fr Andy, Alison, Tony & Marie, John, Andrea, Anne, Shauna, Emma, Chris, Monica, Anne-Marie

Apologies: Mary, Maria P and Maine Welcome: Anne-Marie B

Matters arising from the Minutes - The minutes from the last meeting 14th September have already been published. Fr Andy wanted to clarify two points attributed to him. Firstly, that he was ‘in favour’ of the Celebration of the Eurcharist in the form of wine. Secondly, that he strongly thinks that we shouldn’t take any fees for Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals. Again, the Reflection Group said that donations would be asked for the church but also costs should be covered for flowers, organist etc.

Children’s Liturgy – volunteers were greatly needed. Alison reported only 2 people had positively replied to her email sent to people listed on the Sunday Liturgy group. Further requests on the Newsletter and in person to take place.

Reflection on the readings/Homily - This needs more planning and further research. The idea is to have volunteers who would be prepared to either read a prepared homily or speak about their experiences. A small group of John, Monica and Shauna will look into volunteers. Monica has already spoken to a few Ukraine people to speak about leaving the Ukraine and how they have settled here. She also is going to talk to Pat Nelis to see if he will come and talk about the wonderful work Dinnington Resource Centre does for the community and are in need of volunteers and funding. Les from the Food Bank at the Salvation Army may well be coming to talk at Mass in October. John thanked Fr Andy for his homily, which he spends a full day preparing and then memorising.

Celebration of the Eurcharist in the form of wine - Father Andy is in favour of being able to offer the this. It was suggested that small portions could be set aside individually with people being asked as they enter the church if they want communion wine so it can be poured out before Mass and taken to the altar to be consecrated on a tray. Monica wondered if we should commence the Offertory Procession again. John confirmed that the Methodist Church have individual cups. Fr Andy confirmed that there has been no official instruction about whether Communion Wine should be available. As both Churches have different set ups it was decided to try this out at Blessed William Richardson on Christ the King Saturday 19th November. Hopefully with good feedback then it can also be arranged at St Joseph’s for the following week – First Sunday of Advent Sunday 27th. The practicalities of dispensing the wine to be finalised at the next meeting.

A general talk about keeping our venerable parishioners healthy during these times of rising covid rates and the flu season starting. It was decided that it should be re-emphasised to the congregation that they should choose to either shake hands or wave during the sign of peace. Anne is going to put this on the Newsletter. Monica will ask Kevin if he will once again offer sanitiser as people are welcomed into St Joseph’s.

Christmas Masses - It was agreed to have a Christmas Eve Mass (Saturday) for everyone at 6pm with Christmas Day Mass (Sunday) at 9.30am and both to take place at St Joseph’s.

Finance - To help with the down turn of income it was decided that the 170 Club should restart and that a Christmas Draw should take place to increase interest. Monica to talk to Kevin about this.

Maintenance - Shauna mentioned some damp and an actual hole in the Church wall that needs filling. Anne-Marie C will ask Tony C to action this. Shauna confirmed that all kitchen cupboards had been cleaned and reorganised. There is damp in a bottom cupboard and more maintenance needed. Anne will look at getting a grant for an update to the kitchen cupboards. Monica will ask DC, Maltby who did the Presbytery’s Kitchen. The Presbytery’s bathroom update has not yet started.

Live Simply – update - Chris has produced a leaflet for October including Live Simply with advice on saving resources, Live in Solidarity with the Poor donating to the poor and campaigning for better living conditions and Live Sustainably with Creation tips on how to plant to help the bees and pollinating insects.

Chris with her group were looking to audit all the good works the parish have done and have realised with all the Live Simply and Fairtrade Campaigns there is sufficient evidence for the parish to get an accreditation. Chris has produced a draft plan for this. She needs to speak to MM. Other actions to plan a Pledges for Christmas where people can pledge an action and wish others a Merry Christmas without the costly writing of Christmas Cards. An action to be re visited is to join the ‘Cancel the debt’ campaign which was undertaken several years ago nationally to cancel the 3rd world debt however the debt was only postponed and a further campaign to cancel the debt is needed again. Chris to speak about this on the 1st Sunday of Advent – 27 November 2022.

November Remembrance Service - Set for Tuesday 15th December. Monica to contact Barbara Carrotte, who takes a lead on this. Monica and Marie to look at the Death Register and invite families. Emma pointed out we need to offer lifts to those who needed them. Monica will ask Judith to help organise lifts. Invitations and a general invitation on the Newsletter will also have details on how to request a lift. Monica to host a zoom meeting Saturday 15th October for the organisers.

Warm church – warm welcome - Monica, Anne-Marie C and Shauna attending a meeting about ‘Warm Space’ which was hosted by Alistair Clerk to Dinnington Council. St Joseph’s to offer a warm space on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 12-3pm initially with hot drinks, hopefully starting before October Half Term. Follow-Up zoom meeting at the end of next week to come up with a plan.

Our young people – Lourdes - Shauna has spoken to Sue Kelly about this and the pupils that had been contacted are excited but a little nervous. Alison to talk to her daughter Claudia who were several years ago to also help speak about her experiences of Lourdes.

Gift Envelopes - Monica to ask Adeline to speak at Mass about the Gift Aid envelopes.

Scripture study group - Anne-Marie C informed that these would start on Monday 7th November for 6 weeks. They will start at 6.45 for a cuppa and chat before the meeting starts at 7pm for an hour. She will lead the first meeting and John Cape will lead the second with volunteers asked for the following meetings.

Any other business - Shauna gave feedback to the group on the St Bernadette Relics on display at St Marie’s Cathedral. She commented how prayerful and very moving the service was and how wonderful a lot of young people included in the worship.

Shauna showed the group a photo of the wonderful wooden crib Glenn Stevens has created to be displayed outside of church at Christmas time, further thought to the lighting and displaying of the crib needed. Many thanks to Glenn for this.

Next meeting November 2nd at 7p.m.

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