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18.10.2023 Reflection Meeting Minutes

Reflection Meeting Wednesday 18th October at 7.30 pm

Attendees: S.H, M.G, T.L, M.L, H.McK, C.P, J.C, A.E, M.P, M.M, A.B, H.A, A.G and AM.B

Apologies: A.N, AM.C and M.C


Welcome to the Parish – this meeting was opened up to anyone in the parish wanting to attend along with the Reflection Group for open discussion. No one from outside the Reflection Group attended at this meeting.

Reflection – The Synod Meeting Sunday 17th June

T.L shared the information that the Pope had said he wants everyone to be involved in the running of the church and not just the clergy. This is a major change for good. The reflections and suggestions that emerged from the Synod were about the relationships between priest and people. There were suggestions about how to plan for an improve the understanding about the nature of priesthood and authority in the church. They synodal method of encounter and listening was seen as very valuable for parish meetings particularly where there is disagreement and conflict.

Conversation in the Spirit – This is how the synod worked. The members both clergy and lay people were split into mixed groups of 12. Each group had a topic to discuss. Members of these group had time to pray and prepare on the topic, after this time of reflection each person spoke about their thoughts and feelings on it whilst everyone else listens respectfully and without comment. After a time of silence and pray each person voices their reactions to what has been said but they cannot add to what they themselves have said earlier. Finally, the group identify the key points which have emerged with a view to building a consensus. These individual meetings were then fed back to the Synod to be further discussed and voted on.

Our Reflection Group then discussed how our parish is managed; the feeling was that we felt our parish to be in a good place and already acting on what the Pope is asking us to all be involved. The Reflection Group is grateful that we have a priest who doesn’t dictate how things work and that it is run by a consensus of the Reflection Group and the wider parish. Members of the community felt enabled to voice their views openly. This enabling in the parish puts this community in a strong place, if at anytime we longer had a parish priest. A hope was voiced that in the true sense of Synod we would be able to share our good practice with other churches and hear of theirs.

A strong feeling of empowerment within our parish for ministries exists with members of the community confident and developing in their roles.

Blessed Wiliam Richardson at Kiveton is flourishing, it has a more community feel where St Joseph’s is a more formal setting. The Synod was an important opening up of the development of the church and we want to embrace this.

Fr Andy was asked for his feedback on the Synod from the Bishops Conference that had just taken place. He said it was discussed but felt within our own Deanery that a lot of parishes were not taking as active part in the discussion.

The Reflection Group agreed to continue to work in a Synod like way.

SH thanked Tony and Marie for their reflections.

Live Simply – SH thank C.P and all the team for their hard work in getting the Live Simply Award. Our parish is the first in the Hallam Diocese to achieve this award. The award is in recognition of our response to Pope Francis’ call to Live Simply, Sustainably with Creation and in Solidarity with the Poor. The team have raised awareness and asked all of the parish to take practical actions such as insulation at the presbytery loft, changing to recycled paper and environment friendly cleaning products used. Also, encouragement of wild areas in the churches gardens to encourage wildlife and to appreciate nature more. The group have actively campaigned on Fixing the Food System, Human Rights and Drop the Debt. Also, money has been raised for many causes within the parish for CAFOD, Foodbank, Street Children, Mary’s Meals and Macmillan and Lepra

The Assessor had some good ideas on how we can further develop such as promoting us to be Christian Eco Warriors. More to follow!

MP suggest that maybe a report about the award can be given to ‘Your Mag’ to further spread the word locally as well as hoping word will spread among the diocese when other parishes see we have attained the award.

There will be an Award for each church setting of St J and BWR to recognise the efforts of all. The celebration is on the 19th Novemberhere in St Josephs after mass, with a shared table of drinks and cake. This will be advertised on the newsletter. The Bishop has sent his apologies but will send his positive comments about the attaining of the award to our parish.

Minutes of September Meeting – Read by all no further amendments needed.

Finances – MM has overhauled the reporting of the Parish Income and Expenditure to show a full previous year in order to make clear comparisons. MM will produce this format of reporting quarterly. Expenses apart from utilities are very similar. However, the utility bills, heating and lighting of the churches and house is high, as everyone in the community are also finding. Finances are still in credit despite the increased bills but fundraising will be needed for further projects.

Maintenance – The bathroom at the presbytery was completed last year. St Joseph’s Church has had a kitchen and kitchen floor upgrade. CP thank MM for organising the insulation of the presbytery’s loft which is due to start soon, as part of the Live Simply pledge.

Further projects include a flat roof replacement at St Joseph’s M.M will get a quote. Also, the lighting upgrade in the church and rooms with an emphasis on eco-friendly low energy bulbs. Furthermore, an upgrade of the Disabled toilet is needed. However, grants and fundraising will be needed for all these projects.

Health and Safety – MM reported there are 8 items to be actioned across the two churches and house, however some of these are the same. The plan has become quite labour intensive and onerous and this is to be brought to the attention of the Diocese for simplification.

Christmas Mass Times - Agreed as follows:

Saturday 23rd December 6pm Mass at Blessed William Richardson Church, Kiveton

Sunday 24th December 9.30am Eucharistic Service of the Word St Joseph’s

Sunday 24th December 6pm Christmas Eve Mass at St Joseph’s

Monday 25th December 9.30am Christmas Day Mass at St Joseph’s

Service of Light – This will be at 7pm on 14th November at St Joseph’s

Penetential Service – Wednesday 13th December at 7pm

Parish Coffee Day – Wednesday 1st November 1-3pm volunteers needed. Care group will organise lifts for those who need it.

Blessed William Richardson - Feedback from the many activities at BWR on their own and in connection with the other Wales Parishes and Lost Chord was reported on as very positive and reflects the welcoming and outgoing community at Kiveton. Much praise noted.

Next Meeting of the Reflection Group - Wednesday 8th November 7pm.

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