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08.03.2023 Minutes of Reflection Group Meeting

Reflection Meeting Minutes 8.3.2023

Present: Andy Graydon, Shauna Hilton, Andrea Ellery, Chris Parrott, Anne Neill, Mark Massarella. Maria Paton, Anne Marie Brammer, Anne-Marie Carroll

Apologies: Marie & Tony Lear, John Cape, Alison Bergomi, Emma Slack, Monica Carroll, Helen Arden, Maine Hobart, Mary Gillgrass

Fr Andy opened the meeting with a prayer.

Reflection – Altar Servers. Fr Andy voiced concern over lack of altar servers and the possibility of this ministry being revived. Consensus was to approach Lucy Liversidge and Cathy Moutry, due to their links with this ministry in the past, and ask their views on this and whether they would be willing to invite and possibly train new members. AN and SH to approach these two people. Maybe the children from our new families could be asked? SH to contact Maria Oldroyd to put in bulletin. AMC also suggested to put on website as well.

Minutes of last meeting approved and passed.

Maintenance: MM informed group that the church plastering was done and now we need a decorator to finish. MC has been in touch with someone over this and is waiting a quote.

Kiveton has leak in roof by the sacristy at the back. Builder been and tiles replaced but he was unsure whether the problem has been dealt with and wishes to return to check when there is rain.

Boiler disconnected at St Js. Advised to wait for a new one as kitchen is to be refurbished and boiler would be affected by this.

Smell still in kitchen due to wet wood and damp but is safe.

Quote for kitchen: £5,300 - £5,700 which will include all units, an induction hob instead of cooker, tiling, fitting and VAT + a new fridge if needed. The group approved this quote. MM and SH to go and look at units.

The fitter will be asked if he could fit an outside tap as well.

Finance: MM has concern with lighting/heating costs as the cost of these so far this year matches the whole of last year. MM will talk to Anne Crehan about this and hopes that some of this cost is from last year which has not previously been billed.

MM will also talk to Anne C about the rate we are paying for these services and may ask JC to contact the Diocese in order to get a fuller picture.

Card machine for people to make donations needs an authorised person with a separate email. Fr Andy was suggested and agreed.

Easter – the group agreed to keep this simple in order to help Fr Andy.

Penitential service – 29th March at 7pm

Maundy Thursday – Mass at 7pm

Good Friday – 3pm

Easter Vigil – 6pm

It was agreed to ask Siobhan and Anna if they could provide any music at this time.

Feedback on Communion Wine – very positive from clergy and laity.

First Holy Communion – 23rd April at 9.30

Live Simply: CP is to leave certain areas in the church garden as wild areas and therefore will not be mowing the grass in these areas. In May she will ask the church to try and do the same and leave some areas of their lawns wild.

CP will create an Easter Garden for Palm Sunday and the Easter season.

Candles and flowers – CP has checked this and G. S. has offered to create something with metal to keep our candles and flowers safe from each other.

Hallam News is now online

Short discussion on moving displays around in church. It was agreed that the wedding photos should be taken down as they are now very old.

Funeral and Bereavement Service MC wanted to discuss some issues with this, so this was agreed to be discussed when she is present. An issue raised – does the cost of the funeral meet the costs of heating, people giving up their time to set up, then clear away etc?

AN raised a concern with the doorway opposite the kitchen into church being shorter than the outside door and that this can cause some issues with pall bearers safely entering the church with the coffin.

It was decided that this whole area will be our next meeting’s reflection.

Next meeting: 3rd May at 7pm

Due to Easter, it was felt that a greater gap was needed to the next meeting. Any issues over this time can be raised on the WhatsApp group.

The meeting finished with a prayer.

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