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12.07.2023. Reflection Meeting Minutes

Reflection Meeting Minutes 12.7.23

Present: Fr Andy, Mark Massarella, Tony and Marie Lear, Emma Slack, Chris Parrott, Maria Paton, Shauna Hilton, Monica Carroll, Anne-Marie Carroll, Anne Neill

Apologies: John Cape, Anne-Marie Brammer, Alison Bergomi, Mary Gillgrass

Reflection: Future planning

• Service of the Sick. A huge success and something we need to do more often

• Coffee afternoons. To begin on Wednesday 2nd September 2023, 1pm-3pm, once a month

• Speakers at Mass – meeting with JC, AMC and SH to be arranged. Anyone else who wishes to be involved, please let one of us know. CP reminded us of using PRE sometimes as a resource

• Links with school to be made stronger. Leavers Mass was well attended by parishioners. School choir will be singing at Mass this Sunday

• Links with ecumenical leaders in our community. This is very strong in Kiveton

• Children’s liturgy seen as not viable until numbers are higher

Minutes of June’s meeting – approved


MM has taken income and compared to same time last year. More of less broke even, although expenses are up this year than the same last year, mainly through utilities. Deficit of £2000 so far so MM advised caution with our finances.

Insulation to presbytery house to be undertaken. Fr Andy needs to be away for this. Provisional date in October. MC asked if there were any grants to help with this so MM to speak to JC.

Boiler need adjusting for temperature.

Hedge –

Discussion took place about the neighbours hedge, reducing the size.

It was decided ask John and take it from there. MM agreed to be involved with this.

Health & Safety – up to date mid-May but now St Joseph’s has 5 things outstanding. MM to ring Safety Toolbox over the unnecessary duplication of items on their online site which is very onerous. MM to meet with Tony Carroll to discuss policies and updates by the end of summer.

Toilet – ML asked if there was any new information on this. Group replied this was still ongoing.

Parish Social - MC is inviting and 5 families have been invited by another family in the parish. Food for shared table, bring own drinks. Tickets to be given out at Mass this weekend. Raffle suggested by SH as a way to recoup some of the costs. Prizes needed for this.

Choir – after Mass on Sunday, informal meeting to see if a choir can be formed. Siobhan and Anna are interested and Phil will be asked.

Live Simply – CP says an assessor is to come about the award. She has had very good feedback about the exhibition of environmentally friendly cleaning products after one Sunday Mass at St Josephs. Kiveton also interested. CP will run another for St Leonard’s in October.

A copy of CP’s Live Simply Report is attached.

Petitions are being successful. WhatsApp is a good platform to bring these to people’s attention.

Foodbank – collection in church until the end of July. SH handling this.

Fr Andy

• information about homes for Ukrainian families and felt awareness needed to be raised on this issue.

• Ecumenical meeting on Monday 17th July at 10am concerning youth and decision to have a BBQ on August Bank Holiday for all communities. Andy unable to attend this meeting. Anne-Marie Carroll will attend for him.

Eucharistic Services – ML concerned that while these were very successful and welcomed at Kiveton, they are not happening at St Josephs. Is this a missed opportunity? MC felt there is a bonus on having different priests say Mass but agreed this was something the Eucharistic team could take on and deliver.

Sunday 10th September now to be a Eucharistic Service.

Kitchen – it was agreed that the kitchen should be named after Pat Wilson, due to his generous donation. Pat’s Galley has been suggested.

Synodality – TL updated the group on this. From the report created there are concerns about:

• the relationship between the priest and the people of the church

• more support needed for families and young people

• preparation for parishes for the times where there will be no priest

• parishes should be welcoming – inclusion

There was a final note that there is excitement and encouragement that the church is moving forward, albeit slowly.

We need to discuss how we become involve in this. There is a link to this report on Hallam Bridge and a link to Hallam Bridge on our website. Need to be aware and share.

Synodality will be the next reflection.

Next meeting: Wednesday 13th September 2023

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